Open Call for Collectives in Residence 2022-2024

From now until June 15, 2022, the application submission period is open.
Entry: September 2022
Duration: until August 2024
Selection result: end of June 2022
Cost: €85/month + VAT (up to 5 people collectives)
€150/month + VAT (more than 5 people collectives)
Deposit: 1 monthly payment that will be returned at the end of the stay.

Objectives of the residence and profiles of the applicants
The resident collecives in Hangar are thought of as projects capable of generating a conceptual and practical interrelation with the center and its communities. We understand that a collective is not a sum of individual artists, but rather implies the convergence of a community around a research project and/or joint practice that is greater than the sum of its members. We are interested in projects whose nature requires the collective dimension. The scope of work of the group must be oriented towards theoretical or practical research, with a marked interest in experimentation and development of open tools and free access or infrastructures to support creation that facilitate creative processes and the transfer of knowledge.

Collectives that have been residents in Hangar

What does Hangar provide?
– Access to the workspace 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
– Work space, within a shared area, on the ground floor of Hangar’s Nave 1 and access to common spaces open to the use of the different collectives.
– Resident collectives can make use of the following common resources: digital imaging and video desktop publishing laboratory, small set, Ricson, multi-purpose room, for carrying out the activities of the group and prior agreement with the center.
– Free participation in other activities or workshops, provided there is availability and prior reservation.
– Free access to all Hangar activities, which take place in the center, as long as there is availability and capacity is not compromised.
– Support in the dissemination of projects and their activities, when they take place in the center or with close ties to the center, through a space on our website and regular communication via newsletter, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
– An open and transversal community, formed by artists, developers and other agents.

What do the resident collectives contribute to Hangar?
– Activities, theoretical knowledge through the creation, care and branching of learning communities and content in the environment of their specialization.
– Transdisciplinary work methodologies that incorporate other areas not directly related to the context of the visual arts.
– Research, creation and critical practices in the environment of production tools.

Commitments of collectives in residence
– Provide free advice from your practice to the center itself and to other residents.
– Participate in the Open Thursdays to facilitate its content and technologies to all the people who come to the center.
– Generate and take care of learning communities around their field of work.
– Provide new services that may be available to the inhabitants and residents of Hangar or increase the capacities of the Hangar environment and the artistic community in general.
– Cooperate in the dissemination of activities and the enrichment of Hangar’s programmatic lines.
– Responsibility in the use of the center’s resources for its activities.
– Contribute to the expenses derived from their presence (monthly costs).
– Include the collaboration of Hangar in all communication elements of the project.

The application must be made by email, sending a single document in PDF format to miguel(at) with the subject “Convocatoria abierta para colectivos en residencia 2022“. Deadline for receiving applications: June 15, 2022.

Selection process
The selection process is carried out every two years through an open call to any group, without restrictions on age, origin or legal form. In a first phase, a pre-selection is made among all the applications received and the final selection is decided through a personal interview with the pre-selected groups.

The selection process is carried out by Hangar’s stable Jury together with the center’s direction and an invited external professional.

Basic evaluation criteria
– Interest of the proposal and solidity of the trajectory, activity and profile of the collective
– Link with the practices and lines of research of Hangar as well as with its communities, users and audiences, and the way in which the relationship with them is imagined
– Generation of critical discourses around tools and technologies.
– Link to other local and international spaces, entities or projects
– Complementarity with the rest of the selected proposals will be taken into account, as well as with the artists residing in Hangar during the same period, attending to groups that may be underrepresented.
– It will be valued that the activity of the group includes the development of tools (conceptual, material, technological, etc.).
– The moment in which the collective would become part of Hangar and the way in which the center can contribute to consolidate it and develop new dimensions of its activity

Documentation to be submitted
The application must be submitted in a single PDF including the data required below:

1- Presentation and objectives of the requesting association/entity – specifying the legal entity. (up to 2500 characters with spaces)
2- Number of members and profile of each of them.
3- General lines of activity (up to 2500 characters with spaces)
4- Operating time
5- Network/networks of which it is a part
6- Types of applicable licenses
7- Annual budget and type of financing

8- Objectives of the project in relation to hangar’s lines of work (up to 2,500 characters with spaces)
9- Possible relationship of the project with other residents -artists + projects- (up to 2500 characters with spaces)
10- Contributions -in terms of added value and support services- of the project presented for the Hangar communities (up to 2500 characters with spaces)
11- Hangar’s contribution to the project -in terms of added value- (up to 2500 characters with spaces)

12- Temporality for which the space is needed (indicating if it is a duration aimed at consolidating a project, expanding it or diversifying it, in case it is a project not yet consolidated)
13- Uses of space (up to 500 characters with spaces)
14- Machinery/tools used in the work environment (up to 500 characters with spaces)
15- Number of people to use the space continuously (up to 500 characters with spaces)
16- Frequency of use (up to 500 characters with spaces)
17- Other needs (up to 500 characters with spaces)
18- Description of the return (up to 500 characters with spaces)

Applications that do not include the required information and/or exceed the length limits will not be accepted.
Late applications will not be accepted.
Given the usual volume of applications, it is not possible for us to give individualized feedback, but we will publish a jury’s assessment that can serve as general feedback.

For further information
Miguel Ángel de Heras

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