Lucía C. Pino

Lucía C. Pino, Valencia

Period of residence: May 2014 – May 2016

Lucía C. Pino´s works can be understood as a reflection of the desire to build and prop up from the fully accessible, common or even residual and give it a value (which is/ exists, a value being). A practice focused on sculpture, understanding it in a broad sense _ through the study of texts, objects, materials and associations _ that expands itself generating complex experiences of movement, weight, tension, structural implementation, formal counterpoint and rhythm; which generates a resonance and an interaction between space and people experiencing it (beyond isolated retinal images).

She has an haptic view that searches something emerging from the relationship between space and object, this relation offers us a course, an approach, a way of being. In this sense her pieces are not resolved isolated, they get sense in relation with other pieces and with a given architecture or landscape. She often works to the very last moment, thereby keeping the relationship between the object and the space open as long as possible. The result is a kind of mutual transformation in which the art adapts to the space and vice-versa. A movement which leads on to the next one.

If materials speak by themselves, in her case the goal is not to displace objects or to carry out a revisionism of povera art. There is the intention to show precariousness as a place from where to propose something grown from desire and praxis. Materials remind us of the links they have with us and Lucía relates with sculpture in order to rewrite those links, from below, through them, looking for other possible narratives. A research on sculptural processes in which break or failure are indicators of the centre part of the creative process and resolve themselves in some kind of personal ecology.

In summary, a practice within the context of contemporary art as an exercise to collapse activities of doing and thinking in a single present moment. A task whose main interest lies in communicating  sculpture as a possible way of experiencing reality.

Last exhibitions: Fundación Fita and Casa de la Cultura de Girona (2013); Filmoteca Regional de Murcia Francisco Rabal, The Private Space, Local Project Art Space. NY (2012); Window to Spain. Pragda. Big Screen Project. NY, Macba Esteu a punt per a la televisió? Vídeos que no pasan por el tubo (2011); Galeria H2O and Casa Asia con Bac!(2010_2011); Larraskito, Bilbao (2009); VAD de Girona (2007); Triennale de Milan. Galeria Aulenti, Il diavolo nel focolare, Vª Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo de VIC y en D/ART/ Sydney, Australia (2006).




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