Paratext 16 with Rafael Perez Evans, Ali Yerdel and Eliana Beltran

Paratext hides a monthly schedule of presentations by artists in residency in Hangar, always on Wednesday from 7 pm to 9.30 pm. Several artists present in various formats specific projects or parts of their works. The meetings are always opened to the public in order to enable interaction with the artists themselves.

Next session will take place on Wednesday, april 26th at 7 pm in Hangar at Ricson space.

The artists will present their work:

Rafael Pérez Evans

Spanish/Welsh artist. Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Rafael received a BA in Fine art from Goldsmiths University, London UK.

His works have been shown in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, U.S, London, Berlin & Madrid.
Through the use of research and ethnography, he is excavating and unearthing lost stories, newspapers, images & local rumours. These then get reworked and result in installations which use photography, found imagery, video, objects & painting, that produce a further blurring of their contents source as well as bring to surface the problems inherent in reading a narrative.

As a sort archeologist from the ‘West’ he has been working and living in countries such as Mexico, US, Cuba & Brazil, where he operated within a certain western nostalgia for a rawer past, creating works and extracting source material to then reconstruct in Europe, in this process also encountering a certain post-colonial anxiety which hovers through his practice.

In his ‘diggings’ we encounter various sites & research centres, an example is the history of sugar cane plantations in Brazil, which intertwines economy, land, labor, colonies, and whose ghost – spectre is still ever present.

Preoccupations in unearthing peculiar local stories is part of the foundation for this type of archeology, where the findings of his ‘diggings’ can bring some further questioning into the subject of how we relate to hierarchy within the information receive in stories, history and rumours.

Rafael has completed a 3 months residency “Sassafras” in Liberty, Tennessee USA 2011. Co – directed Romita 26 arts-studio in Mexico City 2012, as well completing a 3 months residency in Red studios Sao Paulo 2014, directing Alto Residency in Brasil as well as being part of Despina & Gazua projects in Rio de Janeiro. He Taught photography at the University of Rochester, (UK) and recently his film Cruising Tabernas was released at international film festivals.


Ali Yerdel

Ali Yerdel is an Interior Architect who is an expert on new prototyping methods, parametrization and generative algoriythms for architectural,spatial and user related applications and an experimentalist who is interested in robotic endeffectors and machines to accumulate new fabrication methodologies. He finished his bachelor degree in Fine Arts faculty, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Bilkent University in Ankara 2010. After working for 2 years in Istanbul, he moved to Barcelona and finished his first masters degree at Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IAAC). In the studio “Digital Tectonics / Fabrication Ecologies Studio”. Their project earned Experimental Robotic Craft Award. In the project Stigmergic Fibers, he introduces  KUKA robot, the modern techniques of applying age-old materials to create emergent morphologies that transcend traditional processes. Afterwards, he did a thesis project in IAAC / Open Thesis Fabrication on “Sonic Environment frequencies parametrization and digital fabric form works, Orchestra of frequencies”. Recently, he finished another masters degree in “Advanced Design and Digital Architecture”, Elisava, Universidad Pompeu Fabra. There, he developed a proliferated pneumatic system that can be controlled through digital inputs where it led to a project about kinetic motion through manipulation of inputs.

The projects he will be working on while his residency in hangar are to activate certain open systems and sustainable cycles to create a catalogue of construction systems and energy efficient habitations for the people whom are in need of a habitation or a product and can use their surrounding materials to build it. The static conditions become kinetic by embedding a digital code and by giving a variety of options according to their uses. And when the need is finished, it can fold back into its own shell or decide to harvest more energy, so it can flourish another time when it is needed. This new family of creatures will be the new machines which interact with the user itself to learn and fit into conditions. A new translucent relationship emerges from this interaction. To understand how a habitat or a structure that can respond to a certain condition, can collect data and teach us patterns and loops according to their limit of actions. How will they respond to the user and how the user will be able to recognise it through their own needs.

Eliana Beltrán

She studied architecture at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (2006), made her final thesis on the concentration areas of study: theory, criticism and project. She’s a drummer, she did a short-term stay in the music conservatory Eafit University with an emphasis on symphonic percussion (2012) and dedicated herself to discover the instrument, in a self-taught way, being part of experimental musical projects of the Colombian alternative scene (2005-2014). Co-founder of the architectural studio Ctrl + G Lab (2009). She’s a member of Unloquer hackerspace (2010-2013) and other groups and forms of collaborative work that have enabled her to navigate between disciplinary and institutional boundaries. She’s interested in working from the found-space or places with an apparently established logic, exploring the idea of space in art, the experience of architecture from the sound perception, the interrelation body-space, development of space practices are resulting in different forms of production and actions. She is currently writing her thesis for the Master in Sound Art at the University of Barcelona (2015-2017) and recently a member of the group Sons of Barcelona.

Collective exhibitions, awards, residencies:

Zeppelin Festival/Centre Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, (2015); Loop Festival/ collective exhibition of the works of Master en Art Sonor students (2015); Festival Yavería, Bogotá (2014); Centro Festival, Bogotá (2014); 43 (Inter) National Artists’ Saloon, Medellín (2013); Plecto Galería, Snack Medellín (2013); Modern Art Museum, Medellín (2010); IX Image International Festival, Caldas University, Manizalez (2010). Honorable mention for architectural project XXIII Biennal Nacional d’Arquitectura Colombiana 2012; First price National Public Competition in Architecture and Urbanism Alcaldia de Medellín 2009; First price Sustainable Gardening Competition, II Canary Islands Biennal in Art, Architecture and Landscaping Spain 2009; First price International Public Competition of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscaping, Sport Scenarios/Sud-american Games IX edition, Medellín 2008, among others.

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