Live Coding session from scratch in Hangar

On Thursday, June 28th 7 pm the collective in residence TOPLAP schedules a live coding session at the Sala Ricson in Hangar.

Live coding is a form of scenic art and a technique of creativity centered on real-time writing of source code and the use of interactive programming, it is a new direction in electronic music, it is improvising and formalizing in public. The live coders expose and modify in real time the software generating music and / or images, while the manipulation of the code is projected to allow to see the process. Live coding works in all musical genres, and by the elements that compose it – art, science and technology – it also forms a social and political discourse.

Live coding from scratch

The scratch technique consists of playing live for 9 minutes starting with an empty screen. In this way, it allows to visualize the high or low level of the languages ​​(try to play from scratch using, for example, Tidal, SuperCollider or Csound), showing the tools (classes, functions, data structures, etc,.) that allow to the livecoder carry out the different musical tasks of the performance. These sessions seek to take advantage of the restriction of the empty screen and the nine minutes to explore new possibilities.

At 7pm on the last Thursday of each month 6 livecoders will have 9 minutes to play.

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Rules from scratch
Each livecoder (audio or visuals):
1. Start with the blank screen.
2. You have 9 minutes to play.

Live coding rules
Each livecoder (audio or visuals):
1. You can modify / rewrite prescribed code.
2. You have 9 minutes to play.

All attendees should applaud at the end of 9 minutes (remember that this is just for fun).

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