The eye of God: solo exhibition by Florian Freier

On February 23rd at 7 p.m. the artist in residence Florian Freier presents his solo exhibition The Eye of God at Souvenir, Space for Artistic and Cultural Collaboration in Barcelona.

The artistic process of Florian Freier (Munich, 1979) stands in the intersections between photography, internet communication technology and the digital processes, taking on the so-called “Post-photography condition” as conceived and described by artist and theorist Joan Fontcuberta. In his work The Eye of God, Freier is creating astonishing landscapes using Google Earth and the infinite possibilities offered by digital technologies. Making somehow a mockery of the luck of those superstar photographers who travel the world from above – happily seated in helicopters – Freier is deconstructing the process of travelling and photography by producing everything with his computer.

In Freier’s work The Eye of God, both photography and travelling are dematerialized. The “photographer’s” eye did not absorb those landscapes, his feet have never stepped on them, and none of his photographic devices has captured any of the final images we can see. Nevertheless, the viewers can appreciate the beauty of some unspecified landscapes and at the same time wondering about the boundaries between truth, reality, reproduction and experience.

Espai Souvenir
Travessia de Sant Antoni 27
08012 Barcelona

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