Results of the call for long-stay residences at Hangar (24 months)

Gathered on January 11, 2023, the jury formed by Magui Dávila and Sabel Gavaldon (Hangar’s Stable jury), together with Anna Manubens (director of the AAVC-Hangar Private Foundation) and Sergi Botella (Head of activities and residencies, with voice but without vote) have decided to select the following artists for the long-stay residencies that will begin in Hangar in May 2023:

Jessica Andrey, Ona Bros, Joana Moll, Sofia Montenegro, Milena Rossignoli.

A total of 51 applications were received to fill 5 available places. The jury wishes to highlight the quality of the proposals received, and the solidity of the practices that consider Hangar a place in which to develop their work.

We would like to thank all the candidates for their work in the preparation of the dossiers and the vital commitment to project themselves for the next two years in Hangar. Many candidates had very specific reasons for wanting to inhabit Hangar, either by the areas of research, languages, or their present and past communities, and we want to thank in particular this sensitivity to the anchors located.

Taking this into account, and given that it is not possible for us to give individualized feedback, we share below a summary of the criteria that were used in the decision making process.

The practices, backgrounds or dispositions that demonstrated a knowledge of the particularities of Hangar as a center for research and artistic production were valued. Either because the work puts into play interests, techniques or technologies that will find in Hangar handles and accompaniments that are particularly relevant to them; or because the candidatures made explicit the will -or implicitly carried a capacity- to nurture and intervene in the Hangar environment, including its services, its methodologies, its lines of research and its ways of being, of insisting and resisting in the world in general.

We have also taken into consideration the moment in which the artists find themselves when presenting their application. What they have done so far, what they intend to do and the coherence, solidity and state of maturity of their current processes in relation to previous ones. In this sense, it has also been valued that the research that currently animates the work of the artists intersect with the urgencies of the moment we are living or those that we would like to address from Hangar.

We have taken into account that locally, in Barcelona, there are many residency and accompaniment opportunities for emerging practices, but there are comparatively few opportunities for “mid-career” artists and beyond. Having said that, we have also decided in favor of younger artists, putting in place a way of attending to less established careers through contact and contamination with longer careers.

It is also important to mention that Hangar’s residencies are thought as a whole to try to form (among the artists already in Hangar and those who will be added now) an ecosystem in which different paths and methodologies converge. In this sense, we have tried to ensure that there are resonances between practices that will coexist and diversity at the same time.

We have also prioritized the arrival of languages that allow us to speak of a progressive dissolution of the differentiations between disciplines. And in parallel, we extend Hangar’s commitment to practices that we understand as ethereal materialism (sound, performance, etc.) where artistic languages and methodologies whose production or distribution may have particular needs that do not fit into the contours of the artistic object/artifact.

Finally, we have taken into account the degree of desire or urgency that is transparent in the elaboration of the dossier and its various elements.

Many thanks again to all the applicants, it was a pleasure to read them.


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