You may find here the news published on Hangar’s website between 2006 and 2010

  • (Español) Hangar @ Formas, Tavira, Portugal

    (Español) Hangar ha sido invitado a Formas - Feira de Artes Performativas ( - en Tavira, Portugal, dentro del programa Lusophonia, proyecto de collaboración entre Catalunya y Portugal. Los otros invitados catalans son el festival LEM y el Mercat de Música de Vic. La participación de Hangar consiste en una installación sonora "La possibilidad del Otro ?" creado por Julie [...]

  • (Català) Hangar @ Formas, Tavira, Portugal

    (Català) Hangar ha estat convidat a Formas - Feira de Artes Performativas ( - a Tavira, Portugal, dins del programa Lusophonia, projecte de col.laboració entre Catalunya i Portugal. Els altres convidats catalans són el festival LEM i el Mercat de Música de Vic. La participació d'Hangar consisteix en una instal·lació sonora "La possibilitat de l'altre ?" creat per Julie Faubert, [...]

  • Hangar @ Formas, Tavira, Portugal

    Hangar has been invited to participate in Formas - Feira de Artes Performativas ( - in Tavira, Portugal, in the context of the Lusophonia project - a collaboration between Catalunya and Portugal. The other invited Catalans are the LEM festival and the Mercat de Musica de Vic. The participation of Hangar consists of a sound installation "The Possibility of the [...]

  • A gathering of Blender users and developers in Spain.

    June 28 & 29, 2008.During this gathering there will be a brief introduction to Blender for those interested in finding out about this open source 3D suite, as well as presentations from some of its principal developers, such as Pablo Caedes and Pablo Vázquez, who are involved in the Apricot project.There is no entrance fee but but assistance should be [...]

  • The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation announces grants for artists’ international mobility

    This Call for Submissions aims to facilitate mobility, organization or participation in international projects and events of an artistic nature, as well as promoting the arts in its various languages and forms; visual arts, scenic art, poetry, music and also architecture and design.The grants are geared towards individuals, as well as cultural or scientific organizations, be they public or private, [...]


    The Hangar Programme Committee convened on June 10, 2008  and decided to shortlist the following artists, from a total of 64 submissions, for Ssamzie Space:1. Ana García-Pineda, 2. Fermín Jiménez, 3. Irene Minovas, 4. Karmelo Bermejo, 5. Miquel García, 6. Jasmina/Luis, Llobet/Fernandez Pons, 7. Yaiza Nicolas.We will soon be announcing the name of the artist selected by the Ssamzie Centre’s [...]

  • Sound & Light Workshop with Edwin van de Heide (Sònar)

    Edwin van der Heide is the principal artist invited to Sonarama this year. His presentation 17.06.08 at Hangar at 19h is a unique opportunity to discover one of the most interesting artists working today. His workshop "Creating Spaces" - 19 & 20.06.08 from 11h to 15h - will explore the spatial properties of the magnetic field as a carrier for [...]


    1. Short-term stays (from 1 to 3 months)Applications are being received from now until June 25, 2008. Available studios: - 1 x 54m² (July 20 - September 30) - 1 x 44m² (August & September) - 1 x 30m² (August, September & October). 2. Long-term stays (up to 2 years)Applications are being received from now until October 24, 2008. 5 [...]


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