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Entre lo imaginario y lo posible. Introduction to spatial and collective sound composition

In OLLA’s Common Reserarch Programme, Rubén Patiño presents Entre lo imaginario y lo posible, a workshop that explores the intersection between sound composition and space (the physical, the imaginary and the social). Through listening exercises and practical experimentation, basic acoustic and psychoacoustic principles will be introduced, as well as basic techniques for creating spatial works. […]

Published on: 22. May 2024 by carolina hangar
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Techniques and Materials 3. New Artisans with Pense

On May 7th, 8th, and 9th, the third in a series of workshops on material research within OLLA, Common Research Program, will take place. Led by Pense, responsible for Hangar’s construction lab, this workshop proposes an introduction to volumetric and three-dimensional construction, as well as an approach to materials (wood, iron, and basic introduction to […]

Published on: 22. April 2024 by carolina hangar
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Laura Tripaldi, Thinking with Materials


According to the (Cambridge) dictionary, a material is “a solid substance from which things can be made”. In this definition, a material is identified by its passivity – by the process of being transformed into something else by means of human agency. Materials, however, are much more than this: they can think, grow, move, […]

Published on: 08. April 2024 by carolina hangar
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La mano en la tierra. Earth poetry workshop, faladoiro, with Luz Pichel

Falar é cousa linda. Hai faladeiras, faladoiros, falaropos, falaropo bico ghroso, bico fino, tricolor, etc.
TU EXISTE, Luz Pichel, 2024.

In the thick stone walls of traditional Galician houses, the two stone pots in the window are called faladoiros. They are places to sit and talk, quietly, in search of a little clarity. Faladeira is […]

Published on: 11. March 2024 by Luciana
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Conversation with Julia Spínola

Between the vectors of movement that move OLLA. Common research program converges the craving to share work processes as practice of proximity. At OLLA, we have confirmed that when the walls of our own workshop disappear, the modes of production shift and constantly demand a rearticulation of the method used. For this reason, we insist […]

Published on: 29. January 2024 by carolina hangar
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A coffee with Carlos Bunga

Next Wednesday, 13 December, we invite Carlos Bunga for a coffee with the artists in residence, as part of the OLLA. Common research programme.

The idea is to maintain a dialogue with no higher expectation than dialogue for dialogue’s sake. The invitation to Carlos arose out of the artists’ interest in their latest projects and some […]

Published on: 29. November 2023 by carolina hangar
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Oídos en los talones, with Ericka Flórez

Next Tuesday, 5 December, in OLLA. Common Research Program, we will welcome Ericka Flórez to give shape to a conversation-aperitif that we have come to call Oídos en los talones (Ears on our heels).

Under this motto, we propose to address some of the vectors that run through Ericka’s research practice, from her long-term project Hegelian […]

Published on: 27. November 2023 by carolina hangar
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Relational architectures, with Carolina Campos and Leticia Skrycky

On December 1st, Hangar presents Relational Architectures, a meeting to collectivize ways of doing-thinking developed by Carolina Campos and Leticia Skrycky throughout their shared experience within research-creation processes in living arts.

Whether from their own projects, or from practices around artistic accompaniment or scenic design, both are at a point of intersection: approaching scenic pieces as […]

Published on: 21. November 2023 by Luciana
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De largo aliento, with Sayak Valencia

On November 9th we are organising De largo aliento, a breakfast/talk with Sayak Valencia. A break that she will give us between the presentations of her latest work, Postales de R. The book will serve as a pretext to move some reflections and around the most ostensible faces or the most veiled consequences around working […]

Published on: 20. October 2023 by Luciana
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Techniques and Materials 2: Fuga y contención, with Mercedes Pimiento

Fuga y contención [Leakage and containment] was the subtitle of the Poise project that Mercedes Pimiento did two years ago. The sculptures that made up this project suggested a series of moments of flight and containment, in which silica sand —the raw material with which glass is produced— was contained in structures built from refractory […]

Published on: 03. August 2023 by carolina hangar
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Techniques and Materials 1, with Pablo Capitán del Río

On 30 and 31 March, the first of a series of workshops on material research will take place as part of OLLA. Common Research Programme. Taught by the artist Pablo Capitán del Río, it is a first approach to volumetric and three-dimensional construction. A technical rather than theoretical approach, or at least, towards a more […]

Published on: 15. March 2023 by carolina hangar
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Les moltes aigües del te, with Meiai Lin

Among the common threads of research that converge in OLLA, of particular concern are the situational logics of Hangar from other less usual reading and inscription devices to which the center has become used to. One is the approach to the logics of water -orographically Hangar is located in an old wetland in Poble Nou-. […]

Published on: 02. December 2022 by Luciana
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Mostrar el gest, amb Susana Solano

A leading protagonist of the renewal of Spanish sculpture in the eighties and with a recognized international projection, Susana Solano visits the resident artists to talk about the relationships she establishes with her sculptures and the different stages of her practice, from her first works, made in wood, which she soon abandoned to incorporate methods […]

Published on: 17. November 2022 by Luciana
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Drop-out and other uncertainties, with Andrea Valdés

With writer and journalist Andrea Valdés we will hold an opening session of her latest research, putting it in relation to the works of writer Carla Lonzi and artist Lee Lozano, two artists in whom converge assemblages and historical fractures related to feminisms, the transformation of labor and the emergence of programmatic forms dedicated to […]

Published on: 14. October 2022 by Luciana
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Garganta/Surco/Brazo (A Prefigurative Script)

Lorenzo Sandoval presents Garganta/Brazo/Surco (A Prefigurative Script), an occasion to open the Garganta/Brazo/Surco research within OLLA, Hangar’s Common Research Program (more info coming soon). In this session we will share the production process of the script, as a way of sharing the project’s writing methodologies and reflecting together on the notion of rights of nature.

Garganta/Brazo/Surco explores […]

Published on: 26. August 2022 by Luciana
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