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Office of transparency and good governance

Hangar is a project with a singular legal and institutional body. The center was a project promoted by an association of visual artists at the end of the 1990s; at the legal level, it was constituted as a private foundation with a Board of Trustees made up mainly of artists, but its objectives, its contextual […]

Published on: 08. January 2023 by antonio gagliano
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INFRA1_(Re) Coding Institutions

In this core of action, the infrastructure on which and with which we work is the institutional structure of Hangar. The institution itself thus becomes the object of study and at the same time a space for work and practice.

Image: Nicolas Malevé, working session in Hangar, 2023

Published on: 28. August 2023 by antonio gagliano
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INFRA2_Technopolitical Infrastructures. ‘LaaS (Life as a Service)’ by Jara Rocha: First Fellowship Hangar

– Fellow Researcher: Jara Rocha
– Within the framework of: InfraMaintenance, Hangar’s action research line.
– Accompaniment: Hangar and La Virreina collaborate in the accompaniment of the research, establishing a joint research-publication device to hold public gatherings halfway between the open research and the publication of Jara Rocha’s project.

InfraMaintenance starts from the certainty that infrastructures nowadays have […]

Published on: 21. February 2023 by antonio gagliano
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INFRA3_Towards a missing infrastructure: Poetics and politics of storage and circular use

Poetics and politics of storage and circular use is an action-research group gathered around a widespread concern about storage that has consequences on multiple levels in the art sector. At the ecological level, it involves the destruction of exhibitions and artworks that cannot be reused. At the institutional and logistical level, it challenges the capacity […]

Published on: 01. February 2023 by antonio gagliano
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Life is too…

On 23 November La Virreina presents Life is too much, a talk between Anna Manubens and Jara Rocha about the Operations Room that took place in July at Hangar. OR is a collaboration between TITiPI, Hangar and La Virreina in the context of the InfraMantenimiento line of work and also unfolds as a central part […]

Published on: 14. November 2023 by Luciana
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Operations Room in Hangar, with The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (TITiPI)

In July, Hangar welcomes an Operations Room, a method for investigating how computational infrastructures affect institutional operations, proposed by The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest (TITiPI). An Operations Room uses a mix of practices such as code inspection, decolonial critical discourse analysis, dependency mapping, creative experimentation and interface analysis not only to interrogate […]

Published on: 30. June 2023 by Luciana
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The reticular society

In this talk, Ian Alan Paul will present excerpts from their forthcoming book, The Reticular Society, an anti-capitalist critique of the networked society. Within the framework of an analytical trajectory that includes the relationships between connected life and separate life, individual life and computer life, reticulated life, reticulated death and the geometric repression of social […]

Published on: 16. May 2023 by Luciana
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Conversation between Laurence Rassel and Nicolas Malevé


On Saturday, May 13, at 5 pm, a conversation between Laurence Rassel and Nicolas Malevé will be held at Hangar with the participation of Efraín Foglia, Jara Rocha, Anna Manubens and Antonio Gagliano.

The meeting is the first public opening of InfraMaintenance, a line of research-action of Hangar for 2022-2025 that, for now, has three areas […]

Published on: 28. April 2023 by antonio gagliano
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Be wary of chemical mercy with Marta Echaves and Jara Rocha

In the framework of Jara Rocha’s LaaS (Life as a Service) project as Hangar Fellow, Marta Echaves presents the continuation of her research on the configurations of the contemporary chemical-labour experience.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a business model under which a company develops a software product and makes it available to customers online. […]

Published on: 28. April 2023 by Luciana
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Naturoculturas son disturbios #11. With Jara Rocha, Irreparables and MELT

On Monday, April 24th, from 6 to 7 pm, in the framework of the LaaS (Life as a Service) project, the program #11 of Naturoculturas son disturbios will be broadcasted in Dublab Barcelona, under the care of Jara Rocha.

Normalizaciones son daños, nomenclaturas son desencantos, nosotras son difracciones, novedades son delirios, narraciones son diferencia, nortes son […]

Published on: 21. April 2023 by antonio gagliano
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8M: Pickets in the Cloud. With Jara Rocha, Karl Moubarak and Cristina Cochior

Jara Rocha together with Karl Moubarak and Cristina Cochior (The Cell for Digital Discomfort)

Next Thursday, 2 March at 6 pm, as the inaugural session of the first Fellowship Hangar, Jara Rocha presents a public opening of their project LaaS, Life as a Service, to share and promote collective action against the cloud in the framework […]

Published on: 25. February 2023 by antonio gagliano
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Infrastructures for Artistic Research, with Marwa Arsanios & Dora García

There seems to be a certain consensus on the gradual consolidation of a singular field of research, which would be artistic or artist research. Undoubtedly, the proliferation of higher education programs in the arts and their diverse traditions have integrated the requirements of the academic reserarch into artistic training. However, to this day, it remains […]

Published on: 10. February 2023 by carolina hangar
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Infrastructure> Glitch> Maintenance: a multiplier event

On July 5th Hangar celebrates Infrastructure> Glitch> Maintenance: a multiplier event, a space for dissemination and technical self-reflection in which to discuss various questions arising from the conception, construction and implementation of the Arc-hive, platform, which has aimed to create an open source digital space to add, preserve, publish, distribute and contextualize a variety of […]

Published on: 23. June 2022 by Luciana
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InfraMaintenance 1. Hangar in residence in Hangar.

In the art context, as it is the case in other areas pegged to research, it seems that although there is no clear definition of what a “residency” is (most probably because it is a mutating, adaptive and situated concept), there is however an operational consensus, a kind of functional agreement on its modus operandi. […]

Published on: 31. January 2022 by carolina hangar
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